Duo Attempts To Conquer An In-N-Out 100x100 Challenge, Fails Miserably

About a decade ago, a food blogger went absolutely viral for ordering a 100x100 burger at In-N-Out that caused the chain to restrict their ordering size to a 4x4. Nobody has been able to take down that quantity on their own since then, so the team at Buzzfeed Blue decided to take on the 100x100 challenge with two people to see if it could be done.

Buzzfeed's brave duo attempted to down as many burgers as possible, but their combined forces were only enough to leave a mere dent in the massive burger. In total, 36 patties were consumed after both threw in the towel over meat and cheese overloads. It took a crew of 17 others to finish the remaining 64 patties after the initial attempt.

To compare to previous gut-busting attempts by professional and competitive eaters, the legend Matt Stonie was able to muscle his way through 37 patties unassisted before throwing in the towel. And not too long ago, FreakEating, also known as Naader Reda, stopped by Foodbeast HQ to set a record by crushing the equivalent of an In-N-Out 40x40.

Still, for two regular folks to take on the challenge and put that much of a nick in it is pretty impressive. With some training, they may be able to catch Stonie or FreakEating one day. In the meantime, we still have yet to see if anyone can crush 50 In-N-Out cheese-covered patties on their own, let alone 100.