This Dude Attempted To Eat An In-N-Out 50x50 And Broke A World Record

At 11:47 am, a man walked into our office with the fire of a thousand salsa packets. That man's name was Naader Reda, a competitive eater also known as Freak Eating. So if a dude who's in the business of eating copious amounts of junk food comes into the Foodbeast office, you gotta do something special for lunch right?


We challenged FreakEating to see if he could handle a 50x50 Cheeseburger from In-N-Out. That's 50 beef patties from the popular California burger chain with the occasional lettuce and tomatoes in there, rounding out the ends of the meat mountain.



It was a struggle as he hit consecutively reached double digits, the halfway mark, the world record and finally 40 patties.

I wanted to call it quits around the early thirties, but I told myself only a few more! It was painful, but at the end I was glad I was able to break the record.

Though he was only able to handle 40 patties before submitting to power of the 50x50, records were still broken in tremendous fashion. As you can see from the live stream, however, he did put up a valiant effort.


A little more than an hour into the challenge, Naader crushed the world record of 37 burger patties previously set by competitive eater Matt Stonie.


Anytime you can break one of Stonie's records, it's a pretty big accomplishment.

Can't wait to have you back man. Hopefully Elie keeps his hands off your food next time.