Iconic Red Cup Gets Remorphed into Faux-Bougie Drinkware


I guess people weren't feeling classy enough pouring wine into the same old red cups at every outdoor BBQ they attended.  So, Red Cup Living stepped it up and re-morphed their iconic design into four fancy new shapes that debuted at the International Housewares Association show (March 2-5).

  • Now there's a 14 oz. wine cup. So you can enjoy your favorite Chardonnay alongside your burger.
  • They've got the 15. oz margarita cup. So even if you're barbecuing up in the mountains, you'll feel like you're sitting poolside in Barbados.
  • There's the typical  12 oz. cocktail cup that will transform any BBQ into the classic bar scene.
  • Then they've got the  12 oz. coffee mug, which isn't really for the BBQ itself, but rather, for that feeling you get the morning after.


The best part about these? They're reusable!  With walls made of a thick double layer of ABS plastic, you don't have to worry about them breaking in the dishwasher.  Shine them up, and they'll be ready to go for your next gathering.  Hey, throw in some Toby Keith background music, and I'm there!

Grab some red cup swag here.