Del Taco Has A Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Don't sleep on this breakfast burrito, don't you even dare. When it comes to wrapping breakfast in a tortilla, I'm just as snobby as any other full-blooded Californian with a penchant for championing the So Cal region as having the best Mexican food outside of... well, Mexico. 

Let it be known, one of the best breakfast burritos you'll ever have will now come from Del Taco... and it's all thanks to something that is not on their breakfast menu: the Chicken Soft Taco. Yes, the same Chicken Soft Taco that people can't get on the East Coast, the same seemingly simple medley of warm tortilla, grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, grated cheese and cool secret sauce. 


I'm gonna show you how to order the off menu Chicken Soft Taco Breakfast Burrito, because for some weird reason, Del Taco hasn't put 2 + 2 together and realized this is one of the greatest breakfast burritos experiences you'll ever have. Go ahead, grab your pitchforks and join me on inducing a food orgasm so strong it'll reverberate through your own body and the bodies of your last two lovers.


Every Sunday, I find great pleasure in hunting down a new breakfast burrito. It's this weekly journey that has led me to find gems like the Doughrito from Orange County's Surfin' Donuts, and has even led me to experiment at home on things like the In-N-Out Breakfast Burrito.


Today, it has led me to Del Taco to try out what a few people in my circle of friends have recommended as the Chicken Soft Taco Breakfast Burrito.

For any fan of Del Taco, you're likely also a die-hard advocate of their Chicken Soft Tacos. They're the most defining item on the Del Taco menu. Their appeal lies in that it is simple, potentially offensive to snobby taco purists, yet unabashedly delicious. Here's what it looks like if you've never seen one:



Ordering this in breakfast burrito format is quite simple. Put in an order for a Carne Asada Epic Scrambler, which by default comes with their fresh scrambled eggs, pico de gallo salsa, cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce, and hash brown sticks. Then the custom order comes in, ask for additional chicken, white sauce, and lettuce. Whoever is ringing you up will look at you sideways, not because they can't make it for you, but mainly because they haven't thought of it first.

And there you have it. A wondrous, massive breakfast burrito filled with an array of different accoutrements that make breakfast burritos such a euphoric treat to begin with. On top of that, remember how special the item you just ordered is.

This Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito is defined as such: the fluff of scrambled eggs, the crunch of hash browns, the tang of the red sauce, the cool of the white sauce, the spice of the grilled chicken, the girth of the carne asada, the refreshing cool of the shredded lettuce, the melt of the cheese throughout, all pouring down your mouth with every last bite. 

Keep enjoying your favorite breakfast burrito spots, but don't miss out on a wrapped-breakfast experience that you essentially can only experience at a Del Taco. It's David Blaine magical: