The World Can't Seem To Process How Hot This Random Tofu Salesman Is


I'm not very knowledgeable in the process of selling bean curds(or tofu), but whatever it consists of, it's giving this guy impressive biceps.

The 26-year-old is named Yi Tin Chen and he works at a little bean curd shop in Taiwan that's suddenly getting a lot of attention.

Chen looks like the kind of guy who only wears a shirt because society tells him it's the norm.

As you can imagine, his abs and biceps have gained some attention, and recently the shop has been filled with ladies suddenly interested in buying lots of bean curds.

The man's abs have gone viral and people might never look at bean curds the same way again.


Come on bro, that's not even fair.




I guess they let him get away with working shirtless.



All right, stop drooling ladies.


h/t elite daily, picthx dacota