This Is How Much Extra Food Hooters Orders On Super Bowl Sunday


The Super Bowl is arguably one of the most important un-official holidays in the US, and is observed by most in this country.

Hooters is a go-to spot to celebrate this most joyous football occasion and they have to prepare a lot harder as a result, ordering extra food to accommodate all the hungry fans.

The restaurant said each branch orders 22,000 more wings than usual, 20 more gallons of blue cheese, and 10 more gallons of ranch.


To put that in an even better perspective, on the Super Bowl, they see a sales increase of 167 percent. To-go orders are a big part of it, as 2/3 of their sales on that day are customers picking up their wings.

This year, the wing restaurant will have a Hooters Party Pack special, where you can order 50, or 100 wings for your Super Bowl party, and they're even giving out a $5 coupon to use on your next visit.

Regardless of who's in the big game this year, one thing's for certain, we're going to be watching with some wings and a cold one.