This Is Exactly How Gordon Ramsay Makes His Eggs At Home


Everyone's got a preference when it comes to eggs. Some enjoy their eggs fried, others poached and some prefer their eggs hard-boiled. Even world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay enjoys his eggs prepared certain way when he's at home.

Last year, chef Ramsay did a Reddit AMA, sitting down and answering the Internet's eager inquiries. One of the questions asked was: "Gordon, how do you like your eggs?"

Here's his response:


Very good question.

I have to say, scrambled.

Over a slice of sourdough bread that has been grilled, and then sort of doused with Worcestershire sauce.

Now scrambled eggs, I did a video a few years back with my youngest, Tilly, showing how to make scrambled eggs, and I think it has 10-11 million hits?


And the nice thing about scrambled eggs is that they don't have to just be breakfast - you can have them in the evening, with some nice mushrooms, some tomatoes. You can have them as a snack at midnight, or at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Here's that video of Ramsay making those beautiful eggs.

After watching that video, it's probably safe to say that a few million folks took to their kitchens to try chef Ramsay's recipe out. We sure did.

Looks amazing.