Gordon Ramsay Meets Chopped In This Never-Aired 'F Word' Footage

Gordon Ramsay meets Chopped, the popular Food Network TV show, in this awesome clip that never aired on TV.

Chef Ramsay recently uploaded the footage, which features a "deleted scene" from The F Word, to his Facebook page. The show recently wrapped up its first season, which contained several pre-taped clips of various challenges.


This particular pre-taped clip featured Ramsay at a local grocery store. While there, he faced the challenge of cooking dishes for shoppers. That may seem easy at first, but the customers also had a challenge to complete from Gordon. They got sixty seconds to select five ingredients, after which Ramsay would convert them in a tasty and delicious meal. Thanks to that time crunch, Ramsay got some pretty difficult foods to work with, including nacho cheese chips and yogurt.

The clip definitely reminds me of Food Network's Chopped, where chefs get a "mystery box" of ingredients to convert into culinary masterpieces. While it's not exactly the same thing that Gordon did, Gordon's task was still a challenge.

Honestly, it would have been cool to see the clip run on an episode of The F Word, but at least Chef Ramsay gave us all the chance to see it anyway.