Gordon Ramsay's New Show Is Like 'Kitchen Nightmares' On Steroids

Gordon Ramsay has previously revealed that he regrets ending his hit show Kitchen Nightmares while alluding to a show "along the lines" of that classic. We now have some insights as to what that new show would be, and it sounds like a Kitchen Nightmares time challenge on steroids.


Fox has ordered eight episodes of a new Ramsay show, Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell & Back, according to EW. Based on descriptions, the show appears to be a mashup of Kitchen Nightmares and Food Network's Restaurant Impossible. On that show, host Robert Irvine had 48 hours and $10,000 to turn around a failing restaurant. Ramsay will just get 24 hours to do the same thing, but probably with a much better budget.

Each time Ramsay shows up to rescue a restaurant, he'll have a 70-foot semi truck with him. The truck converts into a mobile kitchen where he can revamp menus and train (or re-train) brigades of chefs into top culinary form. When the 24 hours are up, he'll then launch a revamped restaurant.


Ramsay seems to believe that the new show is definitely going to be an intense challenge for him. “With the clock set at 24 hours-and-ticking, I can promise you this culinary boot camp gives a whole new meaning to 'Hell on Wheels,'” he told EW.

For us, it means we'll get at least eight new episodes jam-packed with a barrage of Gordon Ramsay's best insults.

There's no official air date as of right now, but we're definitely looking forward to what 24 Hours To Hell & Back has in store for us.