Gordon Ramsay Sets The World Record Time To Filet A Fish

Gordon Ramsay may have 16 Michelin Stars and multiple restaurant and TV awards, but a Guinness World Record has been a coveted accolade that's constantly eluded him — until now.

As part of his brand-new TV show The F Word, which airs on Wednesdays at  9/8pm central on FOX, Chef Ramsay challenged viral halibut filleting sensation Jenna Fabich to a contest to see who could break down their fish the quickest. As an added challenge, Guinness World Record judges were on hand to see if either participant could shatter the record for fastest time to filet a fish.


The criteria to beat the record were simple: 15 portions of halibut that weighed 40 grams or more had to be prepped in 2 minutes or less. While Jenna was only able to come up with 13 usable pieces in her attempt, Gordon cut the required amount of valid pieces in with plenty of time to spare, finishing in just one minute and five seconds to claim his first-ever Guinness World Record.

When discussing his thoughts on the contest on our F Word Recap livestream, Chef Ramsay revealed to Foodbeast's Reach Guinto that while filleting, he was oblivious to the fact he was setting a record pace.


"I had no idea I was going so fast, because I was just doing it normally."

Setting a world record doing what he always does? Just another day in the life of Gordon Ramsay, I guess.