Gordon Ramsay Goes Python Hunting And Turns One Into A Delicious Meal

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to capturing and cooking exotic animals, having gone after lionfish, wild boar, and even turning into a legit puffin catcher in the past. But his latest hunting challenge was definitely one of the toughest he had to face.

On the latest episode of his new TV show The F Word, Chef Ramsay and his son Jack traveled to Florida to meet up with a couple of snake hunters. Their goal was to help wipe out some of the invasive Burmese python that had begun to infest the local swamps, wipe out native species, and destroy the surrounding ecosystem.


After a vicious hunt and struggle, the group was able to wrangle up a MASSIVE snake for Gordon to break down and convert into a much less harmful and pretty delicious lettuce wrap recipe.

If you're in an area where hunting python or other snakes are common, this could be an interesting go-to recipe for the next time you bring a few in. Otherwise, it's pretty cool to witness Chef Ramsay going toe-to-toe with a massive snake.