There's Actually No Limit For Free Samples At Costco

As a kid, the free samples at Costco were the only thing that made the trip to the store bearable. After walking around this endless warehouse for hours, watching my mom buy detergent and cereal in bulk, anytime we walked up to a display table and grabbed a chicken tender sample or quiche (Costco is literally where I learned what a quiche was), made the trip worth it.

What you might not have known or might have been scared to ask about, is if there's a limit to your sample consumption. Well, you don't have to feel sheepish about the time you asked for two samples of those dino nuggets, because there's actually no limit to how many samples you can get.


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According to MSN, it's Costco policy to let the vendors hand out as many samples, to whomever asks for them.

Some folks already knew this, and have taken full advantage of the unlimited free samples, as you can imagine.


In an archived Reddit AMA, a Costco sample distributor also revealed that customers are allowed to come back for samples as much as they want, but some go overboard.

There is one lady who comes in every single day and fills her purse full of samples ....," said the Redditor, "She usually snatches the whole tray, nobody can stop her!"

It's not all unicorns and dandelions though, as the free samples have led to altercations between customers in the past. In 2015, a 78-year-old man was punched in the face after confronting another customer who was allegedly hogging a tray of Nutella waffle samples. After the Nutella-fiend grabbed three samples, the older gentleman tried to snag the last one, and the guy was not having it, clocking the elderly man right in the face.


Hopefully with this valuable newfound information, you can keep things civilized. And next time you go to Costco, you don't have to put on a disguise and pretend you're a new person. You can just be yourself and get all the free samples you want.