Gordon Ramsay Dared Duff Goldman To Show Him His A*s, Duff Obliged


Gordon Ramsay has been known to stir shit up in an attempt to test people's limits, but Cake Masters host Duff Goldman isn't one to step down, which led to him show Ramsay his bare ass.

You're probably wondering how and why the hell this happened, and Goldman told Foodbeast that the incident occurred during the filming of a "Master Chef" episode. Goldman's pants kept falling and word got to Ramsay that Goldman wasn't wearing any underwear.

Apparently, it's a well-known fact around the food world that Duff goes commando, but Ramsay wanted visual evidence, asking Duff to "prove it."

"You're playing the wrong game, with the wrong guy," Goldman said. "I was, like, 'OK.' So I got up and showed him."


In front of Gordon Ramsay, an entire production team, and a room full of chefs, Duff pulled down his pants and made Ramsay regret that dare.

After Ramsay took a good look at Goldman's hind parts, he said, "Wow. That was f*cking disgusting," and went on with his day.

Duff told the story at 16:21 of the stream. Check it out and the rest of the shenanigans with the cake-baking guru.