Doritos Has A New All-Black Garlic Halloween Flavor In Japan


With the advent of the Halloween season, we prepare our bowels for black-colored foods once again. Last year, Burger King launched their Halloween Whopper and it was met with some pretty shitty responses.

Now, Doritos is offering a new Black Garlic Pepper flavor for fans to munch on, reports Nerdist.

The new snack, only available in Japan, features a jet-black tortilla chip and garlic seasoning dusted on the macabre snack. The seasonal packaging also features a spooky-scary child of the night plastered on a sleek black design.


Garlic, known to ward off vampires, seems like a pretty decent segue into producing a Halloween-themed snack flavor. Hopefully this one doesn't turn consumers' poop a different color. Though that might also keep the vampires at bay.

You can find the seasonal chip through the month of October at select stores in Japan.

Photo: Frito Lay