Burger King's New Halloween Whopper Features Pitch Black Buns


For years, we've been writing about how Burger King's in Japan featured wicked cool black buns. Now, the U.S. is finally getting one to call its own. The new burger is called the Halloween Whopper.

The new Whopper is made features a flame-grilled beef patty that's topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, white onions, mayonnaise and an A.1. Thick and Hearty Sauce. The hauntingly black buns boast an A.1. flavor that's baked in.


Burger King also stylized the burger so that A.1. fits in the tittle: HA1LOWEEN WHOPPER. Clever.

Like every Halloween-themed item, the A.1. Halloween Whopper will only be available for a limited time. You can order them individually for about $4.99 each.

It'll be available nationwide on Monday, Sept. 28.