Watch This Dude Lose It After His Card Declined At 7-Eleven

Having your card declined is one of the most embarrassing things you can experience in public, behind only peeing your pants, and getting proposed to at all ballgame. You swipe your card without a care in the world, then suddenly, you hear that little beep, the cashier gives you that uncomfortable look, and everyone else in line gives you one of these looks:

A declined card never feels good, but this guy's apesh*t reaction went a little too far, as he destroyed a 7-Eleven counter and even swung at the cashier.


Surveillance footage showed the man trying to cop some M&M's at a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, Calif., but the card just was not going through. Angry that he could not pay for his 75-cent snack, he went all Floyd Mayweather on the clerk, and even knocked over both cash registers before walking out.

The incident took place way back on February 11, but police just released the footage this past Wednesday, as we all now get to witness this dude's liquor store rage.

Santa Ana PD estimated the total damage at $700, and the man is still at-large, according to NBCLA.


A little part of me wants to feel bad for the guy, but the majority of me feels that he's probably an asshole and probably got what he deserved.