20 Baristas Reveal Why They're The Perfect People To Date


Baristas are some of the friendliest people in the customer service industry, have the most infectious smiles, and almost always start your mornings off right. Because of these reasons, you've probably fallen in love with a barista, or two before. No, Just me? Stop lying!

Anyway, If you were to ask a barista how their coffee-making skills make them good boyfriend, or girlfriend material, they'd surely talk up a storm, which is kind of cocky, but generally hilarious.

With that said, there's a popular Instagram account called Barista Life, which recently proved that baristas believe they're the best people to date. The account posted this question Wednesday night:



The hilarious responses started pouring in, as baristas gave their two cents, filled with coffee puns and even some sexual innuendos, of course. Check out what the cheery, brewers had to say:


Sex Jokes. So many sex jokes.


"We like it black." -@lostg1rl

"Pretty good at cleaning off that steam rod if you know what I mean." -@bren_del_

"We're bomb with our wrists so we give good hand jobs. " -@captainfrnk

"Because I've gotten used to getting sticky." -@alexis_cortese

"Good with our hands. Duh." -@sassypants

"Lattes aren't the only thing I make wet." -@_leprechaunn

"If you don't like it, we'll keep doing it until we get it right." -@alyssafabian

"No matter how crazy the request is, we just say yes." -@lindseyb_xoNo

"Because we can keep you up all night." -amburrhhjeanne

"After a few shots we get crazyyy." -@babygirlalx

Communication is key.

"We can deal with your bad morning ass moods..." -@stepphh_rivas

"We can deal with bull shit!!!!" -@ryansahagun

"Infinite patience." -@r0b0_steve

"We can deal with small talk easily..." -@blackstonejohn13

Then things got a little sad.



"I'm broke and tired haha love me pls." -@clairefreas


"Gives us a reason to get a better job that respects us more, and actually pays us a decent wage." -@throwthatassinaprayercirle69

"We are very good at pretending to care what your needs are." -@__neens_

"Because we'll always make you appreciate your current job and when you hear the shit we put up with." -@in_a_shallow_grave

Only reason that matters, really.

"We have access to free there...another reason?." -@wdimcbtaylor