Churro Dogs Are The Only Ballpark Food That Matters Right Now


Chase Field in Arizona is taking everything you thought you knew about hot dogs, flipping it into a dessert and slapping you in the face with a churro.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell , they're calling it the Churro Dog and it consists of a chocolate glazed donut for a bun, a cinnamon churro pretending to be wiener, then is topped with frozen yogurt, whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce.


If you catch an Arizona Diamondback's game, one of these bad boys will cost you $8.50 and if you were wondering, the estimated calorie count is 1,117, which could have been over 1,600 calories had they used ice cream instead of yogurt.

Every once in a while, baseball stadiums try to step up their game and go beyond the regular ol' ball park dog. Just last year, the Diamondbacks sold a crazy 18-inch, bacon cheese-stuffed corn dog. In 2012, the Texas Rangers introduced a 2-foot long hot dog that could feed three to four people, or one really hungry person.

Hopefully they step it up another level and stuff the churros with strawberry filling the way Knott's Berry Farm does.