Church's Chicken Challenges Popeyes With New $5 Real Big Deal

When one company in a particular field exhibits success with an innovation, rivals will try to recreate their triumphs. Breyers recently did this with Halo Top's low-cal, high-protein ice cream. Now, fried chicken joint Church's Chicken is launching a $5 Real Big Deal box to challenge Popeyes.

real big deal


Photo courtesy of Church's Chicken.

Church's Chicken new deal box is strikingly similar to Popeyes' $5 Bonafide Big Box. Both include two pieces of fried chicken (or three strips), two sides, and a biscuit. Additionally, both items aren't around forever, with Church's box sticking around only until the end of the year. Popeyes always brings their Bonafide Big Box back for a short amount of time. The only real difference is that Church's box comes with a signature jalapeno pepper.


Church's Chicken isn't the first crispy chicken chain to come after Popeye's meal deal, however. About a year after the Bonafide Big Box's initial launch, KFC came up with their own version of a five buck meal. While KFC has more meal options in their $5 Fill Ups, you can't really customize them. Church's Chicken is allowing for that customization, making its recreation of the Bonafide Big Box more true to the original deal.

Regardless of how similar the meal deals are, however, Church's has some delicious fried chicken. The new $5 Real Big Deal gives us a cheap, customizable, and filling way to enjoy it.

We're always down for that.