Chipotle Is Now Testing Out Bacon That Can Be Added To Anything On The Menu

Chipotle's looking to add bacon to their menu as a brand new item. Not as a protein that can be treated like the many others they offer, but as a topping, like queso or guac, that you can add to just about anything on the menu.

Photo courtesy of Chipotle


This September, Chipotle will migrate its test of the Applewood Smoked Bacon out of its NEXT Kitchen in New York City and into Orange County, California. Eight restaurants there will sell bacon for a limited time as the chain considers whether or not to add it to the permanent menu nationwide.

Adding bacon could be more than just a new topping option for Chipotle, though. Since bacon is a meat that can be utilized for just about any meal, it opens up possibilities for the chain in categories they haven't touched before.

One example of this is breakfast, something new CEO Brian Niccol has admitted to considering in the past. Bacon is one of the more common meats to go into breakfast burritos and quesadillas. If Chipotle chose to get into the morning meal game, those can be easy options to start with.

Until then, it'll be another extra thing we can add onto our bowls or burritos along with guac and queso. But is this new move enough to sway the public's falling perception of the much embattled franchise?