This Team Is Introducing Mashed Potato Chicken and Waffle Cones


The Houston Astros are stepping up to the food plate with a new Chicken and Waffle Cone this season.

It's like a waffle cone you'd see at Cold Stone Creamery, except the ice cream is replaced with mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken and honey mustard.

While we have seen the chicken and waffle cone duplicated in a few places here and there, we can credit Nick Chipman at Dude Foods for inventing this insane chicken and waffle mashup back in 2012.

While it is essentially a Dude Foods tribute, it isn't exactly the same, as Nick used syrup on his chicken and waffle cone, naturally. Plus, Minute Maid Park added mashed potatoes to theirs, which makes it feel like a KFC Famous Bowl.


When asked about the new food item, Chipman said he feels like the "Kendrick Lamar of crazy food creations," seeing how they're both ahead of their time in their craft.

"It looks rad, but any chicken and waffle type dish needs to be served with syrup, not honey mustard."-Nick Chipman, Dude Foods

Houston Astros fans haven't had much to cheer for over the last few years, but at least they'll have some amazing comfort food this season.