'Chef' Is Getting An Official Bollywood Remake And It Looks Awesome

If you loved Jon Favreau's hunger-inducing classic Chef, get excited, because an official Chef Bollywood remake is on the way.

The adaptation of Favreau's gem is being directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who, based on the trailer, has managed to capture a lot of the original movie's spirit. Like Favreau's film, the movie focuses on a top-rated chef who trades in his white tablecloth job to reconnect with family and open up his own food truck (well, in this case, bus). It features a lot of light-hearted fun, upbeat message and music, and of course, some legit food porn shots.


The remake was announced in 2015, and Jon Favreau himself was excited to see how the film would "translate into Indian culture." So far, it seems to have some incredible visual pop and heartfelt moments. Raja Krishna Menon did put in more touching family moments in favor of some of the more lewd humor in the original film, but it gives the movie trailer a unique touch that makes it appear to stand out from the original.

If you're looking to relive one of the greatest culinary movies of all time in a new light, this Chef Bollywood remake offers exactly that. India will be able to view it starting October 6th. It's unknown when it'll make its way to the US and beyond, but stateside fans should keep a lookout for release dates here.