For Three Days Only, Cheetos Is Opening An ALL-CHEETOS RESTAURANT

Putting Cheetos on everything, from pizza to macaroni and cheese, has become such a major food trend of late that the chip brand has decided to go "all in" on the Cheeto recipe game.


They've teamed up with celebrity chef Anne Burrell to launch The Spotted Cheetah in New York, a restaurant whose entire menu is laced with regular and Flamin' Hot versions of this classic cheesy chip.

Customers of this exclusive pop-up will get to choose between four appetizers, four entrees, and four desserts that all incorporate Cheetos.


Some menu highlights include Cheetos crusted fried pickles and green tomatoes, Flamin' Hot Mac and Cheetos (as a pasta dish, not to be confused with Burger King's snack item), Flamin' Hot Limón chicken tacos, and a cheesecake made with a Cheetos Sweetos crust.

If that all sounds as droolworthy to you as it does to us, head on over to the website FAST. The restaurant, which is located in New York, will only be open from August 15-17, and just began accepting OpenTable reservations, so if you wanna claim a seat, I'd recommend doing it right now.

EDIT: It looks like all of the initial OpenTable reservations are filled. If you still want a chance at getting into this all-Cheetos restaurant, however, a waitlist has been set up that you can put your reservation on. Who knows? Maybe you can still get in through that way.