Dads Everywhere Are Stacking Cheerios On Their Sleeping Babies, And It's AWESOME

cheerios challenge

Internet challenges have been getting pretty stale of late, but the #cheerioschallenge is probably one of the best ones we've seen in a while, and just in time for Father's Day.

The challenge was put forth by a blog called Life of Dad, and it's essentially calling all fathers to start stacking Cheerios on their babies' cute little sleeping faces.

So far, it hasn't disappointed, as the photos have been pouring in and fathers everywhere are trying to outdo each other to see who can have the highest stack.

Right away, the very first post consisted of a double stack, setting the bar at 10 Cheerios.

Then Ryan Mullany in Oregon easily topped that with a sweet 16 stack on his kid.


Rod Nunez of Colorado strayed away from the face and started stacking Cheerios to the hand.

And Then people started helpful advice and strategies in the comments sections.


This dad went extreme and started stacking on a woken child. That just might be harder.


This true artist got the Cheerios to balance on his son's nose.

Craig Stanley is the leader so far with 17 and said it took 17 hours of work. Sounds a bit exaggerated, but who are we to doubt this skillful father?