You're Gonna Want A Photo Of These Cotton Candy Churro Sandwiches

When fellow Foodbeast writers Isai, Molly and myself set out to create the chili cheese churro burger and fries, only one person believed in us. That person was Nick Fasone, also known as the GrubFiend.

You may remember him as the guy who wrapped an entire burrito in pure cheese.


Owner of The Naughty Churro, Fasone and his wife developed a cotton candy churro for the upcoming 626 Night Market.


We just thought that it's summer and fair/theme park season so cotton candy would be a nice tie in. Also the colors are very photogenic. My wife had the idea of adding the edible glitter and butterflies for that extra touch.


You can find the Cotton Candy Churros at the Naughty Churro stand, booth C12, at the 626 Night Market.


Don't name drop us though. He'll charge you extra.