The Chili Cheese Churro Combo THEY Don't Want You To Have

"Y'all nasty."

With those two-and-a-half words, and little faith from Foodbeast publisher Elie, we were off on a chili cheese journey filled with deep-fried flour. Thus, Chili Cheese Churros were born.

The idea of Chili Cheese Churro fries came up nearly a year ago at the boom of ridiculous Instagram recipes. I briefly mentioned it to my fellow writer Isai and saw his face light up like a department store Christmas display.


We began to sneak the idea of chili cheese churros into editorial meetings. Each time, the same response of disgust.


What a bunch of jokers, they thought.

Hey, if Tym Bussanich could get away with half of the stuff he makes then why couldn't we?

For months, Isai and I would quietly figure out how to make something as savory as chili and cheese with something as sweet as a churro.

Joined by our colleague, Molly, we took an afternoon and just decided to have fun with it -- not overthink.

Our buddy Nick, AKA Grubfiend, AKA the Churro King, hooked us up with some regular churro sticks as well as the churro buns found at the Disney Churro Cart at Disneyland.

Thanks to Grubfiend's churro care package, we were finally equipped to create Frankenstein's monster.



Here's What You'll Need:

Churro Chili Cheese Fries

  • churro sticks (unsweetened if possible)
  • chili (We grabbed a tub of our favorite "Tommy's" chili, but you can use whatever)
  • cheddar cheese slices

Churro Chili Cheese Burger

  • churro buns
  • chili
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • chedder cheese slices
  • 1 egg (for egg wash)
  • milk (splash for egg wash)
  • salt & pepper (season beef)


We started by splitting the churro sticks into thirds by cutting along the grooves. Heating up a pot of vegetable oil at 375 degrees, we let them deep fry for about 20 seconds until golden brown and crispy. The fries are removed from the oil and set aside to drain.

For the burger buns, we covered both sides in the egg wash and threw them into the frying oil for about 30 seconds. The buns were set aside to drain on a paper-toweled plate.

Heat up your chili in a pot or pan on low heat and stir occasionally. While the chili is warming up, mold the ground beef into burger patties. You should have a few patties about 3 inches wide and 1/2 an inch thick. Cook the burgers for about four minutes on each side.

Throw your cheddar cheese on your burger patties while the second side cooks so that it melts nicely.

Once the chili is bubbling, throw a slice of cheese on your churro fries. Ladle a generous about of chili on your fries, enough to melt the cheddar. With the same chili start assembling you burger to desired chili-ness.

The final product was rich, savory, cheesy and took 5 years off each of our lives. We probably shouldn't have gone back for seconds.