This Carne Asada Croissant Burrito Could Be a Game-Changing Mexican Dish


By design, burritos are fairly easy to make, but if you want to take your burrito to the next level, try baking it using croissants. A Redditor who goes by the name of Jaymax makes his burrritos this way and shared his recipe.

He first prepared his meat, beans and rice, which would ultimately be the items impregnating this beautiful creation.

He then laid out a full sheet of canned, unbaked crescent rolls/croissants on a baking pan as the bottom/outer layer.

He stacked a layer of meat, rice, beans and cheese like you would with a regular burrito. Then he put a top layer of unbaked crescent rolls to cover it. He stuck it in the oven and made himself a giant, croissant burrito.



How it looks before being stuck in the oven:


And the end result after being taken out of the oven:


Maybe we could call it a Crorrito?

Full Recipe: Reddit