This Burger Chain's Kiosk Puts Zero Limits On How Tall You Build Your Burger

Every time I come across a burger place that lets you custom build, I've always dreamed of creating the biggest one possible. However, these spots tend to have very conservative limits on the number of patties, toppings, etc. that you can use.

Should you be looking to go all out and construct the burger tower of your dreams, though, Burger Boss will let you do just that.

This Orange County, CA, burger chain uses kiosks to let customers visualize their orders as they select items. Apparently, that involves adding a plethora of patties to the mix as well.


Myself and fellow Foodbeasts Elie Ayrouth, Isai Rocha, Evan Lancaster, and Peter Pham went to one of their locations to test the system's limits for ourselves. I think it's safe to say that we may have gone just a tad overboard with our colossal burger creation.

Once Elie got started piling on the patties, the whole squad wanted to get in on the action. Before we knew it, we had loaded on ten thick burger patties to construct a massive burger tower. Oh, and we also threw on a turkey burger, black bean patty, and a grilled chicken breast for good measure.

The party didn't stop there as we still had to pile on the cheese, sauces, and additional toppings. All of the seven cheeses went on at least once, as did a good chunk of the sauces. When it came to the accoutrements, we went for nearly everything. Turkey bacon, a fried egg, avocado, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, you name it. The only thing we rejected was the olives, which my Greek side shed a few tears for before moving on.

With the burger constructed, we turned our attention to the fries. Oh, yea, Burger Boss lets you customize those to your heart's content as well. Your cheese option is limited to a sharp cheddar sauce, but you can add on basically any of the same sauces and toppings as the burger, including fried eggs.

After finally plugging everything in, we submitted our order (with some extra fries and drinks on the side), grabbed a table, and waited to see what our final results would look like.


Man, were we not disappointed.

burger boss

I think Elie's face really says it all here.

As for the fries...


"Fully loaded" is a pretty good way to describe how these turned out.

Even though we had created a burger stack that could've easily fallen over like a Jenga tower, that wasn't even close to Burger Boss's max. We had stopped at 20 total patties, but the kiosk left the option for us to add even more if we desired.

It's tough to tell if the sky is really the limit at Burger Boss or if there is a cutoff on the number of patties at some point. Looks like more burger research is in order.

Photos by Peter Pham.