WTF: California Ranchers Claim To Have Found A Pig With Glowing Blue Insides


There is a suspicious series of images going around that claim a family on a ranch in Morgan Hill, CA (the southernmost portion of Silicon Valley) shot and killed a wild pig only to find out it was bright blue on the inside.


Everything seemed normal until they cut the pig open. On the inside they found that the fat was a fluorescent blue:



Image: GlendiTEK

The ranchers continued cutting in to the pig, only to find that all the fat was blue regardless of the section. According to the IMGUR post from three days ago, they are currently sending a sample to UC Davis to see if any information pops up on their end.

While first instincts may scream "Photoshop!" and "Troll!," comments on this blog post point to a 2012 Xinhua News Agency writeup that warns against eating blue pork. Then further digging finds that there might be other instances of "Blue Pork Syndrome," but there's no documentation of the blue-ness of the innards being harmful to either the pig, or the people who consume it.

That said, the eery color might be enough to wait until further tests get done before diving in to some blue pig fat, but that might just be me being a complete and utter germaphobe.

 Blue-Pig-4IMG: GlendiTEK



IMG: GlendiTEK

In what I assume is a complete other instance, here's a photo that was uploaded to photo-sharing site IMGUR 2 days ago:



A quick Google Image search attempting to find an original, non-blue version of the above skinned pig proved uneventful. Leads me to believe there might be truth to this.

Could This Be 'Blue Ear Disease'?

While it may not be immediately correlated, there's a fair amount of documentation on Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), which is a virus in pigs also referred to as "Blue Ear Disease."

We're waiting on comments, speculation and professional insight as to what might make the innards blue. Apparently, the abnormality was first noticed in Uganda back in 1998.

It's still up for debate as to the validity of the original IMGUR posting. We're not scientists, but we've seen some awesome Photoshop back in our day.