Floss Your Teeth In Seconds With This Crazy New Mouth Guard Flosser

If you're not a fan of flossing, but understand its importance after daily meals, the Blizzident might be your new best friend, as it is a mouth guard that flosses all your teeth at the same time, and does it in seconds.

One of the most tedious and hardest things to consistently keep up with in your daily routine is flossing. Your dentist will always tell you that daily flossing will make your life easier, and if you're like me, you nod your head, say "got it," eat a tub of popcorn and never touch a thread of floss.

The Blizzident seems to take the tedious part away, as it is tailored to your teeth so you can just stick it in your mouth, make a chewing motion for a couple of seconds, rinse it off and get on with your day.


The flossing process sounds easy enough, but there is a bit of work involved before you actually buy the device. In order for it to perfectly fit in your mouth and between your teeth, you have to get a 3D scan of your teeth first. It is not a service that Blizzident provides, and you'd have to find a dentist that offers a 3D scan service, then send it to Blizzident.

They do have a list of dentists who take 3D impressions, but it's not a very long one.

One more thing that may, or may not be a deal breaker, is the price point. At $199, plus shipping, regular old floss is definitely cheaper. The floss rolls on the Blizzident last for 500 uses before needing to be replaced, though.


This isn't the first Blizzident device, however, as they introduced their toothbrush version years ago, which also required a 3D model of your teeth, and thereafter brushed them in seconds.

If this could make my dentist visits a little less painful, I might just go for it. While the price isn't super friendly, at least it isn't absurd. Will this be the thing that finally gets us flossing? Maybe.