A Guy Just Broke McDonald's Build-Your-Own-Burger Station With This $900 Beast


One of McDonald's latest innovations has been the "Create Your Taste" stations. The kiosks allow customers to build their own customizable burgers using "fresher" ingredients. While still new to the fast food chain, the new feature has yielded for some interesting stories.

Tech entrepreneur Moshe Tamssot, decided to have some fun with McDonald's "Create Your Taste" option. Instead of building a relatively basic burger, the ambitious guy decides to max everything he could out. This includes 10 pieces of bacon, 30 slices of cheese, 10 guacamole servings, two patties, tomatoes, lettuce and all kinds of sauces.

What resulted was a beast weighing 3.8 pounds he appropriately christened the "Big Max." The burger was so massive, it was served on two separate trays.


The total came out to a staggering $890.80. Although, thanks to a bug in the pricing system, resulted in Tamssot only paying $24.89.

Check out the video below as Tamssot creates his Big Max. The addition of the large Diet Coke is the cherry on top.