Build Your Own Burger at McDonald's, Tablets Released Nationally


Last year, we traveled to Laguna Nigel, CA, to see what all the fuss was about McDonald's "Build Your Burger" tablets. The fast food chain was testing tablets, installed at in-store kiosks, that let customers design and create their own custom burgers at select restaurant locations.

It's reported that McDonald's will expand their Create Your Taste platform nationally. Beginning immediately, McDonald's will make the burger-making platform available at 30 restaurants in five states. It plans to expand further with a wider release in 2,000 restaurants in 2015.

Customers who create their own custom burgers will be able to choose from:











Though the new option is a great incentive for tech-savvy millennials accustomed to having burgers however they want, it does present a few problems.

Since burgers need to be custom-made, which can take up to several minutes, they will not be available for order in the drive-thru, which makes up the majority of McDonald's profits.

Also, fresh ingredients cost money. So if you're a fast food joint, you're definitely going to have to raise prices to match this. A Create Your Taste burger, on its own, will run you about $5.79, while a combo that includes fries and a soft drink will cost you $8.29. This is a drastic difference from the value meals customers flock to McDonald's to order.

Tastes good though, sources say.

h/t USA Today, Picthx Dominique Zamora