BEHOLD: Deep Fried Sushi Poutine Covered With Spicy Mayo 'Gravy'


When it comes to poutine, there are generally two schools of thought: the fry-cheese curd-gravy purists, and everyone else (the first group might call them heathens). And then there's f*cking Epic Meal Time, who decided to piss off both the sushi and poutine fans at once with their latest calorie bomb monstrosity: deep fried sushi "poutine."

The gist is this: poorly constructed whole sushi rolls, deep fried and laid out 30-ish at a time, along with chewy rice ball "cheese curds," and spicy mayonnaise "gravy." The total damage: 38,575 calories and 2,560 grams of fat, and a crime against a Canadian staple so grievous EMT should probably just get kicked out of the country.


Not to worry boys, 'Murica still loves you through and through: