Watch How Bacon Is Made And Sliced At High Speeds

I never gave much thought about how bacon is made, but it's just as amazing as you'd expect the delicious, greasy meat to be.

I figured the process involved some machinery of course, but actually seeing the speed and precision of the slicing is freakin' amazing.

For one, there's this video of a Weber Slicer, which shows a few different cuts of bacon being sliced:

Then there's this Textor high speed slicer, which cuts bacon at up to 2,000 RPM:


On the Science Channel's popular How It's Made show, we see the full process, from the time the pig's skin is sliced off the meat, to the curing process, and even the packaging. Although the slicing isn't as cool, or fast in this particular video:

Regardless of what machine is slicing it, the entire process is beautiful, simply because bacon is beautiful.