We Ate The ENTIRE Room Service Menu At One Of Vegas's Most Luxurious Hotels

Every hotel, casino, and restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip screams "luxury." Few, however, can stand as tall as the towering Aria Sky Suites building, one of the pinnacles of opulence that Vegas has to offer.

Anyone can make a reservation at Sky Suites as long as they've got the dough, and the experience is an indulgence from start to finish. Getting to the hotel involves private limousine transportation from the airport, and a reservation includes exclusive access to a building those on the outside cannot stumble upon. It's a place where you can truly live your best life, and that, of course, involves the room service menu.


Foodbeasts Elie Ayrouth, Marc Kharrat, and Ricky Zollinger tried out the Aria Sky Suites experience for themselves on the latest episode of Going In. Naturally, that meant going full Kevin McAllister and ordering everything on the menu. For your benefit, obviously, not theirs.

Aria Sky Suites's menu has dishes that you won't find on their main hotel's menu, so the Foodbeast squad had to try everything out to ID the creme de la creme of the exclusives.

One of the most extravagant eats on the menu was the Champion's Benedict. Served on top of two slabs of filet mignon, the benedict comes with an upgraded bearnaise sauce, truffled shrimp, and butter-poached lobster. Each bite screams pure decadence.


Speaking of lobster, whole tails of the classy crustacean are also available with plenty of drawn butter to dunk it into. I mean, what kind of luxury room service program doesn't have fresh lobster tails on deck for its guests?

Still, even the most commonplace room service items here get the fancy treatment. The burger, for example, is made with wagyu beef, and is an absolute feast of a meal, even if you don't pile on a side of mac & cheese like Ayrouth did.

What impressed the squad most about the whole meal was that every dish of their gargantuan order arrived at the same time at the perfect temperature and with impeccable presentation. Ayrouth commented that you could tell that TLC was put into every item, showing the incredible detail and service you're gonna get at one of the Strip's most luxurious hotels.