Amazon Built A Grocery Store With No Check-Out Counters

If the future of grocery shopping means not having to deal with a line, or a cashier that hates their life, count me in.

Amazon just built a grocery store in Seattle that does away with the entire checkout experience, letting you grab your groceries, and walk out when you please.

To the naked eye, it looks like shoplifting, but they're using something called, "Just Walk Out Technology," where the store uses sensors, and computer-vision technology so your phone detects when you grab something off the shelf.


It all starts as soon as you walk into the "Amazon Go" store and their app gets activated. Your phone then syncs to every single product inside the store.

Once you pick out your groceries, the app puts them in a digital shopping cart. The tech is so refined, that even if you put the item back, your phone still reads the process, and takes it off your shopping cart.

With your groceries recorded in the application's shopping cart, you can walk out of the store, as the products automatically get charged to your Amazon account.

Right now, it's in its beginning stages, and only accessible to Amazon employees, but the store will be open to the public in early 2017, with an estimated 2,000 stores opening within the decade, according to Supermarket News.