A Legendary Competitive Eater Can't Even Handle This 22-Pound Mountain of Curry Rice

We've been witness to some insane eating challenges here at Foodbeast... but this gargantuan pile of curry rice takes the cake as the biggest we've ever seen.

According to Kotaku, the 10 kilogram (or 22.2 pound) challenge is the biggest offering on the "challenge menu" at Gold Curry in Kanazawa, Japan and in Bangkok, Thailand. While it normally costs 8,000 yen (or about $72 US Dollars), if you can finish the whole platter of white rice, curry sauce, fried pork cutlets, and cabbage in an hour, you take home a cool 900 bucks (or 100,000 yen).


So far, it seems that nobody has been able to take down the entire plate in an hour, and with good reason. The challenge predominantly consists of rice, which contains a ton of starch that can expand easily in your stomach and make it even harder to finish eating. The fact that you're eating enough rice to feed a family of five for at least a couple of weeks doesn't make it any easier.

If that doesn't make the challenge seem daunting enough for you, top-notch competitive eater Joey Chestnut actually took the 22-pound platter on last year, as seen in the above video... and FAILED.


The one person who might ever be able to take it on is Chestnut's colleague in the competitive eating world, Matt Stonie. He actually attempted a nine kilogram version of the challenge that he made at home and finished it in 55 minutes. Could he have taken on another couple of pounds in five minutes? Who knows.

In any case, if you think you're up for the task, go try to conquer this insane eating feat. You're sure to be immortalized in competitive eating history if you do.