More Than 135 People Got Sick After Eating At Virginia Chipotle

After all the major changes Chiptole made in 2015 to ensure that a crazy food poisoning outbreak never happened again, a crazy food poisoning outbreak happened, again.

Late last week, a man reportedly tested positive for norovirus after eating at a Virginia Chipotle, and everyone's ears perked up again.


Well, it might have actually been a little worse than that one case, as the Loudoun County health department said they've found more than 135 cases where customers got sick after eating at that Virginia location between July 13 and 16.

Thankfully, there have not been any more reports of people getting sick since the Chipotle reopened Wednesday, July 19, but that hasn't stopped people from freaking out, as Chipotle's stock sunk by by $26 last week. Some shareholders are even suing the company over food safety issues.


The sky has been falling for Chipotle, almost literally, as video even surfaced last week showing mice falling from a Dallas Chipotle's ceiling.

The fast-casual restaurant cannot catch a break, but they've apologized and said the Virginia outbreak was an isolated incident.

We'll have to see how Chipotle bounces back from all this madness surrounding them, but it's not looking good.