12 Outrageous Halloween Treats You Need To Track Down On Amazon

Halloween is coming up pretty soon, and it's time to start planning on what sick eats you'll have for your parties and trick-or-treating. If you're struggling to find some really dope items that'll level up your Halloween game, we've found a few for you to get started. All of these can be found on Amazon, so you can purchase all of these Halloween treats at once if you end up liking every single one.

IV Bag Drinks

halloween treats

Price: $14 for 10 bags

Get crunk with your squad this Halloween by sipping out of these IV bags. It'll make you look even iller than that creepy zombie costume you have, and is the only time its ever acceptable to drink anything out of these medical bags.

Assorted Halloween Peeps

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Price: $12.40 for a 4-pack assortment.

Apart from the pumpkins and cats pictured above, Ghost and Frankenstein Monster head Peeps are also available. They'll make a sweet snack on their own, but you could always blow them up in the microwave for a ghoulish Peeps experience.

Gummy Fang Teeth Candy

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Price: $13.23 for 2 pounds (130ish pieces)


Trick all of the nearby kids into thinking you actually have fangs and scare them. Then, instead of tossing the fake fangery in the trash, you can reap the rewards of your scary work and nibble on your candy teeth.

Chocolate Fudge Halloween Pop-Tarts

Price: $10 for a pack of 12

Get into the Halloween spirit from the start of the day with these Halloween Pop-Tarts. Alternatively, hand them out for trick-or-treating and watch as parents loathe the sugar coma you just gave their kids.

Halloween Fortune Cookies

Price: $18.50 for 12

Break these out with your friends to see if you get a good fortune this Halloween. Hopefully, it won't be a bat that will end up tangled in your hair. 'Cause yeah, bat in your hair.

Gummies Shaped Like Organs

Price: $24.99 for 38


You gotta have some organs and human parts around in candy form at a Halloween party. These candies actually look like the real organs, so they may creep some people out as they down handfuls of them.

Cadbury "SCREME" Eggs

Price: $50 for 48 about 99 cents each

Cadbury Eggs are wildly popular, and these are taken to a spooky new level with a green creme filling. Wonder if it'll stain our teeth green as well.

Gummy Eyeball Ice Cube Tray

Price: $10

If you're making drinks for your pals, have a few of these eyeball-infused ice cubes handy. It'll definitely disturb them and give you a few good laughs as they realize that their beverage is staring straight back at them.

Jello Shot Syringes

Price: $19 for 24


If you're looking for more creative ways to get lit, pick up some of these syringes that you can inject straight into your mouth. Plus, these are usable for functions outside of Halloween, so save them for the next time your mates wanna turn up.

Zombie White Chocolate Bars

Price: $20 for 4

This is a simple but fun chocolate bar to pick up to decorate your Halloween table, with an inviting message to "Bite Me" written in what likely is candy blood. But if the bars are asking us to eat them... doesn't that make us the zombies?

Gelatin Heart Molds

Price: $10, comes with a pack of Jell-O

Utilizing Jell-O inside of these heart molds could actually make the jelly heart look like it's actually beating as it quivers throughout the night. To make it even spookier, you can do what these guys did and stick an actual heart inside as well. Yikes.

3D Skull Ice Cube Tray

Price: $12.69

These skull ice cubes are going to creep your party up to the next level when folks stick them in their drinks. As a pro tip, add some B vitamins into your water for the ice cubes to glow under black light. Talk about a #litty Halloween party.

All photos are screenshots from the Amazon website