Would You Drink 'Banana Bread' Flavored Beer?


It's happy hour and I can't wait to kick back with a refreshing slice of banana bread, said no one ever. Still, it's almost fall. Nutmeg. Baked goods. There's something there, probably.

Specially launched for National Banana Lover's Day this past Wednesday, new Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat is — like the rest of the Shock Top line — a Belgian style unfiltered wheat ale, brewed with notes of caramel, citrus peels, honey, banana, and spice.


"Very banana which I think is a good thing," reports Phillip H. on "Hazy as fuck. Banana pudding in the nose. Taste like that, too but finished watery," adds a guy named AAron.

If nothing else, there's probably no better brew for "toasting" with. Ahah. hah. ha.