Customize Your Pizza in 3D With Domino's New iPad App


Debuting Monday is a new iPad app that will let you design your Domino's pizza in style. 3D style, that is. The pizza chain's new app is being promoted as a "realistic pizza builder" that gives you a better idea of what your final order will look like, aka, you can't get blame Domino's if your pie looks a hot mess.

Customizing a pizza on the new app is easy and looks pretty fun. Choosing a topping for your pizza triggers an animation of your chosen topping raining onto your digital pie.


Along with the new pizza customizer the new app will feature an updated tracker system that monitors orders in real time, so customers can drool over their iPads stalking their pizza from the time it's in the oven to when the driver takes off for the delivery.

This isn't the first pizza ordering app for Domino's, back in 2011 the pizza chain launched Domino's Pizza Hero on the iPad, which was a Cooking Mama-esque game that allowed customers to order their digital creations in real life.

H/T + PicThx Eater