Texas State Fair Unleashes an Entire Deep-Fried Thanksgiving Dinner


As if Thanksgiving wasn’t enough of a fattie-centric holiday already, some fine folks over at the Texas State Fair took the whole traditional dinner spread, wrapped it in cornmeal breading, and then deep-fried that sonumbitch. Seriously guys, #MURICA.

Gizmodo reports this monstrosity, which rightfully won the most creative “Big Tex” award this year, is filled with stuffing and cream corn-dipped turkey and comes with your choice of dipping sauce: either gravy or cranberry. Weirdly no mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes though, sigh.



All in all, the Deep-Fried Thanksgiving Dinner seems like a solid, possibly even healthier, alternative to your typical Thanksgiving feast. I mean, at least you can't have eight servings of the stuff, right? ... Right?

H/T + PicThx Gizmodo