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Williamsburg Based Cragel is 50% Bagel, 50% Croissant

January 18, 2014 // 12:23 pm

Williamsburg is not about be left out of a popular scene. The hipster borough now has a croissant hybrid to call their own thanks to The Bagel Store. Cragels, not to be confused with Crogels or Cronuts are described as a “delicate, flaky, buttery croissant baked into a…

Foie Gras Ice Cream Will Give You the Most Expensive Brain Freeze of Your Life

August 5, 2013 // 12:23 pm

You may know that Sam Mason, former wd~50 pastry chef and founder of Empire Mayonnaise is a sucker for crazy flavor combos.  After all, his newest ice cream shop, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, quickly made itself known for maple-bacon pecan and chorizo cornbread ice creams.

OddFellows has become delightfully weirder since…

This Williamsburg Hipster Reacting to Guy Fieri’s Fake New Restaurant Totally Gets It

March 28, 2013 // 7:00 am

Step off, “I’m-not-really-into-the-whole-f*cked-out-over-commercialized-celebrity-chefdom thing”-guy. Your pretentiousness is not welcome here.

A couple of days ago, comedy troupe Late Night Basement went around asking young, hip Brooklyn-ites how they would feel if Guy Fieri opened up a restaurant in their “completely corporation-free” culinary haven. The results, of course,…