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Jack in the Box Debuts Sweet Potato Criss-Cut Fries and Egg White Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

January 3, 2014 // 9:39 am

Here’s a quick way to ease yourself out of those pesky New Year’s resolutions you had no real intention to keep: fast food sweet potato fries

As per usual, the presumably “healthier” carb alternative is anything but. Described as “crispy, sweet and savory,” Jack in the Box’s new “CRISSCUT”…

Do Want: Sweet Potato Fries Smothered in Marshmallow Sauce and Sprinkled with Bacon

August 14, 2013 // 1:41 pm

There’s no denying sweet potato fries are sweet, crunchy niblets of delicious on their own. But of course there’s always a way to amp up such classic staples, and this time around, we’re drooling over sweet potato fries smothered in marshmallow sauce and topped with bacon crumbles. OH baby.

This, folks,…

The Gentleman’s Guide to Fast Food + Beer Pairings

July 16, 2013 // 10:51 am

It takes a certain kind of person to want to drink beer with his Breakfast Jack, but we’re pretty sure we want to be his new best friend.

But not just any beer, mind you. No our friend is much more refined that that. He understands that fast food,…

Burger King ‘Angry’ Whopper Will Punch You In the Face

October 26, 2012 // 11:41 am

In honor of the Whopper’s 55th Anniversary, Burger King is introducing “new” limited-time menu items to the line-up. Yes, this is essentially a burger birthday. Priorities, baby.

The items will be available nationwide and presented in old-school packing meant to reflect the commemorative occasion. Among them, the Wisconsin White

Carl’s Jr. Joins Growing Trend — Adds Sweet Potato Fries To Menu

June 21, 2012 // 3:13 pm

One of the newest menu items to hit a Carl’s Jr. nearest you are Sweet Potato Fries. Featuring premium-quality, natural cut sweet potatoes, these fries have the potential to overtake the demand for their regular or CrissCut style if they’re done right.

Facing the likes of other fast…

Burger King’s Summer Menu Might Include a Pulled Pork Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries

June 11, 2012 // 10:01 am

With summer just a few days away, fast food brands will begin making the transition to their summer-friendly menu items, and Burger King is no exception.

We just received a tip from a Burger King employee noting that the chain is training their staff to handle a new summer…

Nutella and Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Fries

June 11, 2011 // 11:24 pm

Sweet potato fries, peanut butter, Nutella, and powdered sugar. That’s the kind of goodness you can expect from the Fresh Fries truck. The shot above comes from the LunchTruckIt event out in Long Beach, where the hottest trucks from LA and Orange County meet on…

El Pollo Loco: FREE Small Premium Side w/ Drink Purchase

April 13, 2011 // 12:00 am

For those of you curious on trying the recently revealed El Pollo Loco Premium Side Dishes, the chain is offering up a printable coupon to acquire any of the three new dishes for free with the purchase of a drink. The offer extends…

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