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So Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Sushi All Wrong [VIDEO]

February 24, 2014 // 6:57 pm

Drop those chopsticks. Step away from the sushi. And for God’s sake, check yourself on the soy sauce.

There’s an art to eating sushi, a way to not disturb the delicate balance of flavor and texture the chef prepared just for you. So, how do you eat the the quintessential…

This is how you sushi.

January 25, 2014 // 12:51 pm

PicThx Bacon Asylum

Sushi and Corned Beef Hash Are Currently in the Running for Lay’s Next Flavor

January 23, 2014 // 8:07 pm

Last year Cheesy Garlic Bread was the winner of Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” US contest, while syrup-soaked Maple Moose won in Canada (naturally). Now, Lay’s is once again calling upon America to submit their own fan-made flavors for the chance to win $1 million…

10 Easy Ways to Make Bad Ass Sushi Rolls

December 10, 2013 // 12:54 pm

What if I you could make the sexiest of sushi right in the comfort of your own homes, without having to put on pants and leave the house? Behold, a sushi boat full of “How To’s” detailing how one can create the most delicious of sushi rolls while creating…

Loaded Baked Potato Roll, BLT Sushi & Tuna Tostadas From Blue C Sushi

November 13, 2013 // 11:19 am

Since Los Angeles was the first US city to embrace sushi back in the 1960s, it makes sense that it’s become one of the first locations for  Blue C Sushi — a  restaurant seeking to shatter our perception of “mainstream” sushi while maintaining a pulse on food culture.…

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