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A ‘Handy’ Guide to Portion Control, Using Your Actual Hand

January 8, 2014 // 8:00 am

You’ve heard the general rules, meat portions should be matchbox sized, etc. However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember what a matchbox actually looks like, particularly when you’re staring down a basket full of buffalo wings. The next time you’re in need of a little resolve, look no…

This Clever Dinnerware Literally Cuts Your Meals in Half

July 31, 2013 // 7:00 am

It’s hard to control our food intake when stuff like Cronut Burgers and Moreos exist. Fortunately, we can rely on clever inventions like the ‘Halved’ dinnerware set to help keep face-stuffing episodes to a minimum.

Jo Djauhari, Fajar Kurnia and Jeremy Chia came up with this idea to…

Auntie Anne’s New Mini Pretzel Dogs Are the Perfect Summertime Serving Size

June 10, 2013 // 12:43 pm

Nothing says “perfect cheat food” quite like bite-sized snacks. Even if you know the total calories of tossing eight mini pretzel dogs down your gullet is bound to be the same as scarfing one regular full-sized one, sometimes it’s just nice to pretend otherwise.

Starting today, Auntie Anne’s is…

Science Proves That 2 Divided by 2 Equals 5, At Least When it Comes to Portion Control

July 19, 2012 // 6:51 am

When I was a kid, my economical little brother discovered a way to make his fast food give him more bang for his (or our parents’) buck. By tearing up his five measly chicken Mcnuggets into dozens of smaller pieces, he deduced that he would eventually end up having…