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White Castle Offers New Potato Bacon Chowder

January 3, 2014 // 3:32 pm

Nothing really hits the spot like a nice, hearty chowder. Especially on those cold winter nights. White Castle is introducing their new Potato Bacon Chowder to the menu for those who enjoy the heartiness that only a chowder can bring. Made with chunks of potatoes, chopped veggies and bacon…

Grub Like a Grumpy Sailor With Beer-Infused Clam Chowder

July 11, 2013 // 4:12 pm

It’s easy to argue Captain Ahab was an angry, maniacal loon, but maybe he was just drunker than he thought. That’s the story I would roll with anyway, and thanks to Delaware’s Dogfish Head brewery, acting like a belligerent seadog now comes standard with a bowl of IPA-infused Clam