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Burger King Replaces Beef With Chicken to Create New Chicken Big King

April 19, 2014 // 2:44 pm

Last fall, Burger King introduced their version of McDonalds’ signature sandwich. Burger King’s latest sandwich is the poultry cousin to the original Big King, called none other than the Chicken Big King. The new sandwich is extremely similar to the Big King featuring pickles, onions, lettuce, American cheese, King…

Burger King Serving Creamy Orange PooPoo Smoothie — Yes Really

April 15, 2014 // 1:19 pm

Gotta love your unfortunate translations. Out in China, Burger King is now offering a nice, bright orange smoothie for summer, whose Chinese name means something like “mango ice smoothie with blow up pearls cold beverage.” In English though, it’s just “PooPoo.”

Coming from a place that thinks

19 Fast Food Chains and What They Should Honestly Be Called

April 11, 2014 // 2:39 pm

1. Carl’s Jr. : Home of the $7 Six Dollar Burger

2. El Pollo Loco: Pronounced “Po-yo” not “Polo”

3. Chick-fil-A: Did you want some? Sorry, we’re closed

4. In-N-Out: Ugh, #monkeystyle

5. Jack in the Box: The place that magically appears whenever you’re drunk and stoned at…

April Fools? Burger King Motel is the Place to Go to Cheat On Your Big Mac

March 31, 2014 // 3:40 pm

Every kid at some point dreams of living in a fast food restaurant. Who wouldn’t want burgers and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner? While it’s probably a cheeky April Fools joke, it looks like that dream got a little closer to becoming a reality for some folks in…

14 Fast Food Seafoods to Help You Survive the 40 Days of Lent

February 27, 2014 // 11:22 am

Around February and March every year, fast food menu boards become inundated (okay, maybe just splashed) with foods which would have no business being there if it weren’t for Catholics. Not to say deep-fried fish sticks, nuggets, and patties can’t be delicious; just that, when seen alongside sizzling slabs…

Burger King Taiwan Gets All-Pork Whopper Toppings

February 7, 2014 // 11:08 am

Burgers are serious business. Fast food chains are constantly outdoing each other with their own bold versions, like Lotteria’s Chocolate Burger and Jack in the Box’s Bacon Insider. So how is Burger King giving competition a run for their money? One word: PORK.

Since your standard tomato, lettuce and…

Burger King Japan Serves Apple Burgers with Cinnamon Mayo, Along with Beers and Cocktails

February 6, 2014 // 11:12 am

Burger King has once again upped the fast food ante by introducing a new burger creation: the NY Whopper and BK Ringo.

The sweet sandwiches feature grilled apple slices in place of tomatoes. However, it doesn’t stop there. As RocketNews 24 reports, the BK Ringo burger (“ringo” is…

Burger King Tests Chicken Waffle Sandwich, Looks Like Struggle

January 28, 2014 // 3:41 pm

The struggle-looking specimen above hails from Burger King, in what appears to be their attempt at a chicken waffle sandwich. First spotted by Foodbeast reader Troy Smith, the sandwich features a soggy breaded chicken patty in-between two equally soggy waffles. At the moment, the chicken waffle item…

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