Burger King Thailand Releases Burger Where You Can Add Unlimited Patties


We've only begun to see just a small portion of their power and it doesn't look like they can be stopped. With their recently dropped burger that contained only 20 slices of cheese causing foodies all over world to stop in their tracks, they've now captured everyone's attention again with their latest creation.


The Real Meat Burger by default comes with three patties for $9.84 USD or 339 Baht. That isn't out of the norm at all in the world of burgers. For an additional fee however, customers are allowed to add an additional patty and continue to do so as long as they don't add any condiments whatsoever. No lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, onion, or cheese. JUST meat.

A world class idea deserves a world class response and that happened almost immediately. Thailand-based Facebook food blogger "Believe Me, I Already Ate" put that theory to the test and ordered a burger with 100 patties.


On his Facebook, you'll see a massive tower of burger patties sandwiched between two — now comparatively tiny — buns. He has to have someone help him hold it up while he takes bites from the side of this beef monument.

This started as just a joke when Burger King Thailand posted the image below to their Instagram. Mock ups of other single condiments burgers such as lettuce, tomato, a burger with just buns and an all onion burger were shown as well, with the caption translating to: “Which burger is your personality?” These concepts could very well be in existence in the future, all with names that go hand in hand with the previously released burgers: the Real Pickle Burger, Real Tomato Burger, Real Onion Burger, and Real Lettuce Burger.

The funniest of them all is the Real Bun Burger, which appears to be a top bun, a bottom bun and then four more bottom buns serving as the “burger” inside.

That's just bread y'all. Ain't no burger here.


How many patties is a reasonable amount to get that still takes advantage of this opportunity?

I'm likely to cap myself at 10-12, respectfully.