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Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies Are Nothing Less Than Perfect

August 20, 2014 // 4:39 pm

French-trained Japanese cook, Maa Tamagosan, graced the internet with her latest recipe for petite teddy bears hugging an assortment of nuts.

Clutching almonds, walnuts and cashews, the sweet treats resemble Teddy Graham Crackers with a clever twist. Maa rolled out dough sweetened with beet sugar syrup and honey, cut…

Hershey Launches Own Line of Nutella Chocolate Spread

January 16, 2014 // 6:00 am

With all the Sriracha talk lately, we almost forgot about our little buddy Nutella. Over the past five years, Nutella’s U.S. sales have swelled to over $240 million, according to the Associated Press, and it looks like Hershey Co. is officially trying to get in on some…

Gratuitous Drink Porn: Coffee Edition

August 19, 2013 // 7:00 am

We’re not such total snobs that we don’t appreciate a good latte. Black, brown, half tea, half sugar, Frappuccino or Americano, coffee is one of nature’s little, underrated blessings which has the unique quality of tasting great almost no matter how you spin it. During the week, we can…

Almond Cake

November 7, 2011 // 11:18 am

Want a dessert that will help you hang onto that “summery” feeling without needing fresh summer fruit?

I’ve never used almond paste before, so I was very confused when the recipe called for a food processor. Apparently almond paste is more solid than pasty – who knew? In any event, the…

Blackberry-Almond Blondies

August 25, 2011 // 12:41 pm

I am really sad that Summer is getting closer and closer to coming to a close. These past few months have been the best time of my life. The weather has been bliss; not too hot, and not too chilly. Being surrounded by many friends and family often…

Coconut Almond Pancakes

August 19, 2010 // 7:49 am

What I would give to wake up to these! Check out this Coconut Almond Pancakes recipe and have yourself a great breakfast. Almond Joy…eat your heart out.

Almond Cream Cheese Frosted Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

June 14, 2010 // 9:55 am

What can I say about these cupcakes that haven’t already been said about Audrey Hepburn, beautiful, tasty, jaw dropping good looks that all fit in a small figure! The frosting on these chocolate cupcakes vary from white and black sprinkles, white and dark chocolate buttons, marshmallows, and chocolate-covered…

Craving: Sirloin Bacon Jalapeno Almond Mole

May 10, 2009 // 12:35 pm

An almond mole sauce that is described as “the mexican equivalent of a hearty, smoother, vodka pasta sauce” (EpicPortions). The dish is further topped with sirloin tips, bacon, and slices of jalapeno. If you’re ever in Salt Lake City, UT, the place to check out…

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